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The answer is Yes; blog Commenting on a high DA website for a backlink is outdated & Grey hat SEO techniques. Most websites offer NoFollow links, which are ignored.

Blog commenting for SEO is defined as a simple strategy to start building links back to your site while building strong relationships with people in your industry. It is about exchanging ideas or opinions about what people think or feel about a topic. It can also help blogs to attract traffic, leads, and add a 'social touch.'. Comments on your blog help to improve the overall keyword variation and quality of the content. At the same time, irrelevant comments on your blog posts do more damage than good. This is one of the main reasons why I always ask ShoutMeloud readers to not use the CommentLuv plugin. The CommentLuv plugin definitely helps you to get more blog.

Blog comments are a signal Google reads to identify engaging content. Google has a ton of different signals built into its algorithm. Some of them are public knowledge. Some of them are obvious. They claim that they don't track most of them, but they do track the results and metadata from those collections, so they still matter.

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4. Make sure your comment plugin isn't slowing down your site. Site speed is increasingly important for modern SEO, and blog comment plugins tend to be very slow..

The SEO benefit of blog comments is that it provides a link from an external website to your own. Links matter when ranking on search engines. Learn the top SEO ranking factors and trends for 2022. When you comment on high authority websites and niche blogs, this exposes you to a wider audience and potentially attracts new readers to your site.

Generating return visits is when blog commenting really works at its best. There is value for the visitor and really good value for the webmaster. So yes blog comments are good.

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